Frequently Asked Questions

Tally.ERP9 is the latest generation software in the Tally Software Family. When launched way back in 1986 till 1995, earlier versions of Tally were purely the accounting software but post version 5 till today the software has been upgraded to the ERP level software which can handle Accounts, Finance, Inventory Management, Production / Manufacturing, Purchase / Sales Management, Banking and Payroll. Over and above it can handle most of the statutory compliances like GST and TDS for the organisations.

This is the Highest Category Ranking in the Partner Eco System. There are only select few 100+ partners who have been categorized as 5 Star. Rest of the Categories are 3 Star and Associate Partner. The 5 Star organisation has to follow strict norms and employee resources and have to go through periodical assessment in order to sustain their partner category.

You may procure the license at Free of Cost but remember, it is a pirated software which is as good as theft. Nothing comes free of cost even the company who has developed the software (Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) have to spend towards R & D, Salaries of Programming and Operations Team. Unless Tally Users buy this software by paying the organisation cannot generate the required revenue to run the organisation.

Moreover, buying the licensed version at a very reasonable price, what you get is the Complete Peace of Mind, A right to support, regular updates mainly statutory updates as and when provisions in any statute changes and most importantly – data security, which you are not sure of while using the illegal copy of software.

Yes. You have a choice to buy the software online but does it provide value for money? Do the online seller provide you the professional and proper installation of software? Does the seller provide hand holding training to you or your staff? Does a seller guarantee you of after sales support?

Buying at discounted rate may give you some temporarily price benefit but may not provide the long term peace of mind.

We really appreciate your knowledge, your eagerness to update your knowledge about Tally Software. With due respect to the same, our study shows that many users claim to know the Tally Software fully but the average is just about 40% i.e. users just know the 40% capabilities of overall Tally Functionalities. Secondly, you should always be available to support your staff whenever they need any services / troubleshooting about Tally Software. Is it worth of spending your valuable time spending on R & D when the same work can be handled well by the skilled professionals?

Lastly, Half or Partial knowledge is most dangerous!!!

Being a Tally Partner, we have to recruit a specified number of skilled resources including on-site personnel and programmers. This itself is a heavy cost in terms of salaries and travelling apart from the other overheads like Office Rent, Electricity, Mobile Expenses etc. With the average sale of 20 to 25 licenses it’s not possible to survive that too with the limited product margins. Hence we have to charge for the services we provide. We guarantee the best services and provide refund to the customer in case of non-satisfactory services.

TSS Renewal is not compulsory. When you purchase the Tally license, it is always a perpetual (life time) license. The new license purchase is bundled with 1 year TSS Subscription but post expiry of the subscription period, the organisation has a choice to renew. Renewals provides a bundle of benefits including yearly updates and using Tally Remotely or Data Synchronization and many more like that…

Tally.ERP 9 is GST-ready ERP Software

Walk your GST journey with Tally, a trusted name for compliance in India since the last three decades