Industry Specialization

We believe in endurance to comply with the industry requirements with our vast amounts of knowledge acquired over 20 years of experience in associated domain.

Increased ROI

Our solution would improve the credibility of HR as a profession. You would be able to prove the worth of your actions with the highest return on investment

Integrated Solution

HR department deals with every employee in your business regardless any department , you could incorporate your HR solution’s capabilities with any ERP system.

Hire To Retire

Manage the process that needs to be done over the course of an employee’s career with the company right from evaluation, promote, demote or terminate.

Scalable Solution

The system grows with your organizational growth as it is focused on the long term growth of an organization with ultimate scalability. We grow when you grow!

Select Deployment

Choose any deployment of your choice among multiple options such as, OPEX, CAPEX, Server Hosting, Hybrid license considering the availability of resources.

Principles of Management


Client Retention

Core Values

Domain Leadership, Accountability, Team Work, Ambition, Passion, Integrity, Extra Mile.




Our Mission is to provide industry, constant upgrade of technologies for HRMS & FIXED ASSET MANAGEMENT with customer- centricity, brand & organization building.

AI Technology

Make your people to feel more connected to workplace by incorporating Spine HRMS with advanced AI technology and see how it makes the difference. Let’s break the mould!

Ask Spina- A Chatbot

Chatbots are the future of interaction between HR and employees. Let systems to communicate with your people and reduce turnaround time for resolving employee queries automatically .

Facial Recognition

Put an end to proxy attendance with an artificial intelligence based technology. The web version captures the attendance by identifying, scanning and matching it against the library of known faces.

Geo-Tagging & Fencing

Let your employees to fulfill their designated number of working hours by marking their attendance which is controlled by assigning longitude & latitude fencing & by adding a geographical tag.